Teaching And Learning Expectations On A Residential Campus (May 2021)

Because Central College is a residential campus, the expectation is that students and faculty will be together in the classroom on campus unless a significant disruption occurs, and a temporary adjustment is required and announced by the president.  We anticipate that Central faculty and students will participate in in-person (i.e., not remote, not recorded classroom) teaching and learning.

Students and staff should contact the appropriate class dean if there is a need for a long-term accommodation (lasting 1 week or longer), and the class dean will contact the Registrar. Long-term accommodations for students must be approved in advance by the Registrar in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee and will be communicated to the student’s faculty, advisor, and class dean by the Registrar’s Office.  Each faculty member will then determine what that reasonable accommodation will be for their course.

The Registrar will serve as the point person for all communications to faculty regarding a student’s need for long-term accommodation.  Appropriate documentation for the approved accommodation will be held in the Office of Student Support Services.

Faculty will not agree to individual long-term accommodations at the request of a student without notification from the Registrar.  Individual long-term accommodations for students that do not involve communication from the Registrar will not be permitted.

This policy does not pertain to short term accommodations for weddings, funerals, important family events, short term illness/injury, or athletic events.  These short-term matters should be handled by individual faculty with direct communication from the student.