Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Act (PSEOA) And High School Visiting Program

Students currently enrolled as juniors or seniors in high school are eligible to participate in the PSEOA program, if they meet each of the required standards. They must rank in the top third of their class and have a qualifying test score in one or more of the following test programs: ACT, SAT, PSAT or ACT-PLAN. Students in the first or second year of high school (or a ninth or tenth grade student who is identified as a gifted and talented student according to the school district’s criteria and procedures) must rank in the top 20 percent of their class and have scored a composite of 90 or 900 on the PSAT or SAT, respectively, or a composite of 20 or better on the ACT or ACT-PLAN. Courses open to high school students through PSEOA are limited to study above and beyond what is available in their high school curriculum.

To apply, a student must submit an official transcript with test score results. PSEOA and visiting student forms are available in the admission office, and upon admission a guest registration form is available from the registrar’s office. Admitted students may take up to nine semester hours of credit per academic year.

PSEOA students may register for classes on a space-available basis after August 1 for the fall semester and after December 1 for the spring semester. For more information on course availability, contact the registrar at or 641.628.5442.