Disciplinary/academic Suspension And Dismissal

Students may be suspended or dismissed from college at any time during the semester. Students who are suspended or dismissed must vacate their rooms within 24 hours.  Students who are suspended or dismissed after the official drop/add period and before the end of the 12th week of class will receive a “W” (withdraw) grade on the transcript for each full-semester course they are currently registered. Students who are suspended or dismissed after the 12th week of the term will receive the grade earned in the course as determined by the instructor.  The courses and term for which the student enrolled may be counted for satisfactory academic progress purposes. Students who received financial aid will have the term counted as one of their terms of financial aid used toward the maximum financial aid eligibility.  For refund policy information see “College Costs.”


A transcript notation will indicate that a student has been suspended or dismissed from the institution (e.g., academic suspension MM/DD/YYYY or disciplinary dismissal MM/DD/YYYY).  Students who are suspended from the college and later wish to re-enroll should consult the policies governing re-entry.