Federal Pell Grants

This federal program is designed for students who demonstrate the highest level of financial need and could not attend college without significant financial aid. Awards range in value and are based on the family contribution and the cost of attending Central College. Apply by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

These grants are available to a limited number of undergraduate students who demonstrate extremely high need and are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant. Application is made by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid.


Iowa Tuition Grant

Iowa residents attending private colleges and universities in the state may be eligible to receive an Iowa Tuition Grant under a program established by the 63rd General Assembly of the Iowa Legislature.

The program is administered by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. The awards will be based solely on the applicant’s need for financial aid, with priority given to the neediest candidates. Scholarships and grants-in-aid from other sources will be taken into consideration in determining a candidate’s financial need. In the event that available state funds will be insufficient to pay the full amount of each approved grant due to the state’s fiscal condition, the Iowa College Student Aid Commission will administratively reduce the maximum award to an amount less than the statutory maximum.

To apply for a State of Iowa Tuition Grant a student must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid prior to July 1 listing Central College.