LAS – Liberal Arts Seminar

LAS 110 Intersections (4)

Intersections is an interdisciplinary seminar that all first-year students take in the fall semester. It is an exploration of the “intersections” at which disciplines, ideas and events converge, connect and collide. All sections share a common topic and many common readings and experiences, while each instructor adds a unique emphasis. The contributions of varied fields – natural sciences, behavioral sciences, fine arts, humanities – are included.  Students are introduced to college-level skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking and information literacy.


LAS 410 Liberal Arts Seminar (3)

Prerequisite: senior standing or instructor’s permission.  Explores a question or problem of significance using interdisciplinary approaches.  Students will demonstrate their ability to engage in independent inquiry and persuasively communicate results.  The course will show how knowledge, integrated and alive, informs our professional, civic and personal lives.


Approved Liberal Arts Seminar topics include:

  • Americans in Paris (3)
  • Behind Bars: Revealing Chocolate’s Bitter Sweetness (3) (GS)
  • Bob Dylan, American Bard (4)
  • The Bowling League: An Inquiry into Disability in America (3)
  • The Burden of Modern Disease: The Social, Cultural, and Economic Costs of Non-Communicable Disease (3) (GS)
  • Citizenry: The Evolution of the Vote and Memory (4)
  • Climate Change: North and South (4) (GS)
  • Community in the Age of Climate Change (3) (GS)
  • Communicating Participation: Political Engagement through Media (4)
  • Constructing and Pursuing Happiness: Lessons from Science & Art (3)
  • Disability in America (3)
  • Disaster Movies: Hollywood and Science (3)
  • Disease and Health Through Space and Time (3)
  • The “Disney-fication” of Identities, Representations, and Development (4)
  • Education Policy and Politics (3)
  • Ethnobotany: How Plants Save the World (3) (GS, GPC)
  • Exploring Ecotones of Literature, Science, and History (3) (GS)
  • Exploring the Origins of Color (4) (GPN)
  • Faith and the Search for Meaning (4) (GPN)
  • Food and Justice (3) (GS)
  • Food for Thought (4) (GS)
  • The Future of the Past: Memory and Amnesia in Cultural Culture (3) (GPN)
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Inequality and Social Change (GS)
  • Modern Board Game Studies: Immersion & Design (4)
  • Mozart Opera and The Enlightenment (4)
  • Natural Hazards and the Human Dimension (4) (GS)
  • Peace, Justice and Social Change (4) (GS)
  • Power and the Corrosion of the Moral Compass (3) (GPN)
  • Rap, Hip-Hop, and Decolonizing the Classroom (4) (GS)
  • Resilience: Sustaining Self and Community in the Age of Climate Change (3) (GS)
  • Sport in America (3)
  • War and Society (3)
  • World History through a Glass (4)
  • Where Science and Fiction Collide (3)