Grade Appeals

A student who believes his/her final grade in a course is incorrect should first review the syllabus and collect graded assignments.  The student should then contact the faculty member of the course as soon as possible to discuss the perceived problem and to request in writing that the grade be reviewed and refigured in case an error has been made.


If the student still believes the grade to be unfair or incorrect after this initial review, they should see the associate academic dean (or designee named by the VPAA) who will review the class requirements with the student and help them to determine whether there is a reasonable basis for an appeal.


Students who wish to appeal must submit a written letter to the associate academic dean (or designee named by the VPAA) within one month of the beginning of the semester following the term in which the grade was received.  The letter should explain in detail the basis for the appeal.  The associate dean (or designee named by the VPAA)  will then discuss the case with the faculty member, and if further review is necessary, request the department chair or an appropriate designee to objectively review the appeal.  These faculty colleagues will consult with the faculty member involved to help him/her determine whether the disputed grade was fair and consistent with published expectations for grading in the course.  The associate dean (or designee named by the VPAA)   will convey the result of these discussions to the student.


Final responsibility for grades rests with the instructor of that class.  If an instructor is no longer available at the time of appeal, disposition of the case will fall to the current department chair.  Only grades issued by Central College faculty may be appealed at Central College.


Students who believe the above process has been unfairly applied may further appeal in writing to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty.