CIV- Civitas

CIV 110  First Year Seminar

This course will emphasize becoming an engaged, reflective, and responsible citizen of our campus community. The course will introduce first-year students to the liberal arts and to the Core’s theme of Engaged Citizenship and serves as the foundation for Civitas II and other Core courses. Students will develop skills in open-inquiry, respectful dialogue, and critical reading, as well as written and oral communication.


Approved Civitas courses include:

  • Be the Change You Wish to See (4)
  • But Not a Drop to Drink (4)
  • Chemical Soup (4)
  • Eidos & Koinonia (4)
  • Exploring Ethics in Science (4)
  • Ford vs Ferrari: Citizen Leadership Through Rivalry (4)
  • Gaming to Connect (4)
  • Have Passport, Will Travel (4)
  • Infectious Diseases that Changed the World (4)
  • Music: Rhythm + Drumming= Engaged Citizenship (4)
  • Music as a Catalyst for Change, Healing, and Growth (4)
  • Star Wars, Stoicism, and Citizenship (4)
  • The Maddeningly Complicated World of Healthcare (4)
  • Us and Our Environs (4)


CIV 210 Second Year Seminar

The course will focus on a problem or question related to creating a more just society. The problem or question can apply at the national or international levels, but it could also have some connection to work we can do in our local communities. Some form of community engagement is an expectation. The course will serve as a common sophomore experience and will reinforce the student learning outcomes and written and oral skills introduced in Civitas 110.