Crediting Your Student Account

The value of the award is divided proportionately over the academic year. A portion of the gift assistance is credited to your account at the beginning of each semester. Outside scholarships and loan funds are credited to your account when the funds are received and endorsed if necessary. Employment earnings are paid to you periodically based on the hours worked or job performed. Employment earnings should be viewed as your spending money, not a reduction of the amount owed. Aid is awarded with the expectation that you will be enrolled in a sufficient number of credits to be considered full time. If you are enrolled in less than full-time status, aid will be reduced in accordance with federal, state, and institutional policies. You must be enrolled at least at half-time status (minimum of 6 credits in a given semester) to qualify for most aid programs.

If you are selected for verification you must complete the verification process or have it waived, if applicable, before any federal or state aid may be credited to your account. If you have not completed verification by the end of the drop and add period of each semester, you will be charged interest on the unpaid balance of your account, including amounts that may be covered by federal or state aid after verification is complete.