General information

Students register for courses online several months in advance of each semester and have several opportunities to make changes to their schedules (see below).  All new students starting in the fall semester generally register for courses during Summer Orientation and Registration the preceding summer. All returning students who have not made satisfactory arrangements with the student accounts office for payment of all tuition and fees may 1) be ineligible to register for courses and/or 2) have their registration in courses cancelled.

Final official transcripts from all colleges attended need to be received and processed by the registrar’s office before students may register for their second term of attendance at Central. A registration hold will be placed on the student’s account until all transcripts are received.


Students are personally responsible for registration into and official withdrawal from courses. Class attendance does not constitute registration in a course; likewise, absence from a class – including never attending even one class session — does not constitute official withdrawal from a course. No credit will be awarded for courses in which a student is not properly registered, and no refunds will be given for courses from which students have not officially dropped or withdrawn. Students should refer to Self-Service Student Planning for their official class schedule. 


Students who plan on being considered “full-time” (enrolled in at least 12 credits in a given semester) for financial aid, athletics, or any other purpose, must be attentive to the number of credits for which they are officially enrolled. Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credits in any semester will have their financial aid reduced according to state and federal regulations. Student athletes enrolled in fewer than 12 credits will be ineligible for competition in such semesters. It is each student’s responsibility to know when they have dropped below full-time status and the ramifications of doing so. The registrar has the right to adjust student schedules during or after the registration period.