French And Francophone Studies

FREN- French course descriptions


Mary Stark (chair), Nicole Kaplan


Departmental statement of philosophy

The French and Francophone Studies program faculty believes that the ability to communicate (listen, speak, read and write) in another language is fundamental for attaining an understanding of the many cultures that make up the world. For significant intercultural understanding, students must also learn what members of other cultures consider worth talking about: their historical, artistic and literary heritage; their contemporary political, social and economic problems; and their basic customs and values.

French and Francophone course offerings are intended to build communication skills and insight into important cultural topics. All on-campus courses include sessions with native-speakers or advanced speakers of the target language and are supported by activities in the language, including the language house program and social activities. All courses aim to increase language proficiency and cultural awareness as well as to prepare students for an extended, off-campus immersion in a culture where the target language is spoken.


Teaching licensure

Students seeking teaching licensure must secure information from the department of Language, Literature and Communication and the department of education concerning departmental and state requirements. Requirements for students seeking teaching licensure are not necessarily identical to those of the general major/minor


Foreign language credit by proficiency

For information on earning credit by proficiency in a foreign language, please see the Credit by Proficiency section of this catalog.


French and Francophone Studies major statement of philosophy

The study of French and Francophone cultures is by nature interdisciplinary, bringing together many themes that can be understood using a single language. Courses in the program address not only mastery of language skills, but also intercultural competence and knowledge of the people and places connected by the French language. Distinct courses bring together aspects of languages, culture, translation and business. Most classes are taught exclusively in French in order to maximize the opportunity for students to master the language. However, because a language and its culture are inextricably linked, the French and Francophone Studies program sees the study of language as encompassing much more than coursework. It also involves the opportunity to live in the French House, to have frequent contact with native French assistants and to live and study in France. Taking full advantage of the program prepares students for a broad range of options after graduation, among which are education, graduate school, and the world of international business.


Study abroad opportunities

It is strongly recommended that majors and students planning to teach French spend at least one semester studying abroad in a French-speaking country as approved by the department chair. All courses taught in French and offered at a chair approved study abroad site at the 200- 400 level apply toward the French major.


Major Communication Skills

All French and Franchophone Studies majors will successfully complete a total of at least 35 credits at the 222 level and above.


Admission to the French and Francophone Studies Program

Students enrolling at Central beginning in Fall 2021 may no longer apply for admission or transfer into the French and Francophone Studies major.


French and Francophone Studies Major Requirements (35 credits):

1.  Complete all of the following:

  • Take at least 29 credits at the 222-level and above, or equivalent courses taken abroad
  • FREN 489 Senior Capstone in French (3)
  • A minimum of 3 credits in another language (Spanish, German, Chinese, or approved language) at the appropriate level
  • One semester of study abroad in a Central College approved French program (or department chair approval)

*Note FREN 121, 122 and 221 (or proficiency) are prerequisites for FREN 222, but do not count toward the major.


French and Francophone Studies Minor Requirements

  1. A minimum of 3 credits of French or Francophone literature or culture (course to be approved by the French faculty)
  2. A total of at least 6 credits at the 300-level or above.