ANTH – Anthropology

ANTH 120 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)

Introduction to the field of cultural anthropology.  Students will explore human cultural diversity from small-scale hunter-gatherer societies to large-scale industrial societies.  Areas covered include ethnicity, gender roles, religion, warfare and the environment.  Special attention is given to the way anthropologists gather and analyze information on different cultures. (SB and GPC or GPN, EXP) Students may not receive credit for both GPC and GPN.


ANTH 275 Magic, Science, and Religion (4)

Prerequisite: Second-year standing. Explores the ways in which human beings perceive and experience the world. We use discussion, reading and writing to delve into these three, and other, modes of cognition and action. In this effort we confront witchcraft, spirit possession, ritual, and other phenomena of anthropological interest, inquiring as to methods, ethics, and personal viewpoints. (SB, GPN)


ANTH 366 Ethnographic Field Methods (4)

Prerequisite: ANTH 120 or SOC 120 and third-year standing or instructor’s permission. Surveys field methods used by cultural anthropologists, encompassing readings, discussion and practicum. Methods include interview, participant observation, survey, mapping, archival research, life history and others. (SB, WRT)


ANTH 370 Anthropology of Violence (4)

Pre-requisite: Second-year standing, third-year standing recommended. This upper level seminar on the anthropology of violence considers major areas in the study of violence including war and peace, gendered violence, genocide, human rights abuses, the silencing of violence, and writing/speaking about violence.  The methods of ethnographic research are applied to arenas of violence, and related ethical issues are examined.  Students participate in a practicum involving cases of asylum resulting from violence.  Discussion of readings is complemented by careful and examined writing of analytical and research papers. (SB and GPC or GPN) Students may not receive credit for both GPC and GPN.


ANTH 375 Ethnographic Writing (4)

Prerequisite: second-year standing and a prior course in anthropology, English or sociology. Explores modes of writing about culture and place. Moving beyond the scientific realist style typically used in anthropology, we try our hands at ethnographic writing focusing on landscape, dialogue, voice, poetry, emotion, politics, and more. Intensive research in local communities allows us to experiment with note taking and collaboration in ethnographic work, and we discuss the ethical issues that arise in contemporary anthropology. (SB, WRT)


ANTH 397/497 Internship (Arr)

Prerequisite: departmental approval and instructor’s permission. An applied experience in the major, requiring a minimum number of hours of work per credit hour. Includes conferences with the on-campus instructor and an evaluation by the job supervisor. Pass/No Credit basis.


ANTH 462 Culture Theory (4)

Prerequisite: ANTH 120 or instructor’s permission. An examination of the history and development of anthropological theory, with emphasis on the contributions of prominent theorists.


ANTH 465 Applied Anthropology (4)

Prerequisite:  anthropology or sociology major and third-year standing.  Provides students with opportunity to apply anthropological understanding outside of the classroom as researchers, interns or volunteers in community and/or organizations.  Readings and weekly meetings will provide insight and depth into students’ experiences.


ANTH 485 Seminar in Cultural Anthropology (3)

Prerequisite: Anthropology major or instructor’s permission. The capstone course designed for cultural anthropology majors. Students will explore issues related to the four fields of American anthropology: physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology and sociocultural anthropology.


ANTH 498 Research in Anthropology (Arr)

Students plan, carry out and write up original anthropological research projects in an off-campus location, for example, the Basque Ethnographic Research Project.


ANTH 499 Independent Study: Anthropology (Arr)

Designed to permit students to pursue their interest in specialized areas of anthropology in greater depth than is possible in other courses offered by the department. Restricted to upper-class majors.