Global Health


Ellen Du Pré (director), Anya Butt


Statement  of philosophy

As a member of the Heartland Global Health Consortium, Central College believes that we are responsible for producing global citizens who are, aware of the interconnections between health, development, environment, and social justice. As global citizens, we understand that health issues around the world have global impacts, as diseases can cross borders and the global economy can drive both health care policy and environmental conditions. This interdisciplinary minor program is designed to prepare students to understand and appreciate that health issues require solutions grounded in a holistic combination of globalization, policy, sustainability, and cultural and personal awareness. The required courses provide students with a global perspective on society and epidemiology.

Students choosing careers in all pre-health programs as well as public policy, planning, international studies, social work, anthropology, environmental studies, and health communications are well-served by this minor. Students are encouraged to study internationally to enhance their development as global citizens, and to pursue relevant internships.


Global Health Minor Requirements (21-25 credits):

1. Complete all of the following (9 credits)

BIOL            210    Epidemiology (3)

GEOG         210    Human Geography (4)  or GEOG 215 Introduction to International Studies (3)

GEOG         320    Principles of GIS (3)

2. Complete one of the following (Globalization and Health focus, 3-4 credits)

ANTH         260    Medical Anthropology (4)

ANTH         363    Human Rights, Culture and Politics (4)

ANTH         370    Anthropology of Violence (4)

PSYC         240    Psychology of Gender (3)

SOC           335    Globalization and Development (4)

LAS            410    Courses by approval (3-4)

Approved service learning project in a health agency by arrangement, minimum 3 credits

3. Complete one of the following (Policy focus, 3-4 credits)

ECON         321    Environmental Economics (3)

ECON         329    Economic Development (3)

POLS          140    Introduction of International Politics (4)

POLS          233    American Environmental Politics and Policy (4)

POLS          241    International Political Economy (4)

POLS          344    International Law and Human Rights (4)

4. Complete one of the following (Sustainability focus, 3-4 credits)

ENVS          120    Introduction to Environmental Science (4)

ENVS          240    Agriculture and Sustainability (3)

GEOG         325    Planning for Sustainable Communities (4)

GERM         362    Germany and the Environment (3)

PHYS          204    Energy and Environment (not offered regularly) (3)

POLS          242    Global Sustainability Politics (4)

SUST          125    Introduction to Global Sustainability (4)

LAS             410    Courses by approval (3-4)

5. Complete one of the following (Cultural and personal awareness focus, 3 credits)

COMM        276    Communicating in Health and Illness (3)

ENGL          213    Literature, Environment and Ecology (3)

KIN             261    Community, Consumer and Global Health (3)

PHIL           121    Ethics (3)

PHIL           127    The Meaning of Life (3)

PSYC         330    Multicultural Issues in Psychology (3)

SOC           225    Social Problems (3)

LAS            410    Courses by approval (3-4)


Experiential Learning and Internship Opportunities

As part of the minor, students are encouraged to engage in experiential learning through research, service-learning or internships in Iowa and elsewhere.  This experience will help students better understand the various fields within global health they might pursue after graduation through career or graduate study. Students are encouraged to begin to work with faculty members who conduct research related to global health and to contact the Office of Career Development and Civic Engagement early in their college career.