Students who wish to register for more than 18 semester hours of credit will need permission from the registrar unless they are enrolled in one or more of the following overload- exempt courses:


Overload Tuition Exempt (no overload fees apply)

  1. Group Ensembles (MUSG courses)
  2. Study abroad pre-departure and re-entry courses
  3. Central Teachers Academy internships (EDUC 397)
  4. Mock Trial (GENR-214)
  5. Honors Enrichment courses
  6. Senior Honors Thesis courses/projects
  7. Honors Seminar (HONR 191 or HONR 391)
  8. Private music instruction (MUSL courses)*

*Students will incur the private lesson instructional fee; however, they do not pay per-credit tuition.


Students will be charged per-credit tuition for each non-exempt semester hour in excess of 18.  See Catalog section “College Costs” for more information.  The Overload Request form is available from the registrar’s office.