BMGT – Business Management

BMGT 211 Business Writing and Speaking (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 241. This course explores the difference between academic and business writing conventions. Students will practice writing to specific audiences using a variety of organizational patterns. Finally, the art of revision will be reviewed. (Previously taught as BMGT-290) (WRT)


BMGT 231 Business Law I (3)

Prerequisite: Declared major in business management, accounting, or economics or department chair permission, second-year standing. Studies the legal process and the public and private law relating to business. Examines the underlying principles most closely connected with ordinary business transactions: introduction to the law, agency, contracts, sales and commercial paper.


BMGT 261 Principles of Finance (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 241. This course introduces some basic concepts in financial management and their application to corporate financing and investment decisions. Topics covered will include financial statement analysis, time value of money, bond and stock pricing, capital budgeting, risk and return, and capital structure.


BMGT 271 Principles of Marketing (3)

Prerequisite: ACCT 241 and ECON 112 or ECON 113 . Emphasizes a theoretical and practical understanding of the role of marketing in society. Focuses on managerial decision-making regarding markets, products and services, promotion, distribution and pricing to satisfy customer needs and organizational goals.


BMGT 311 Principles of Management (3)

Prerequisite: ECON 112, ECON 113 and ACCT 241. Explores the skills utilized in management, focusing on six key functions: planning, organizing, leading, controlling, decision-making and staffing. Concepts and methods used in managing people and organizations are examined.


BMGT 335 Not-for-Profit Management (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 311 or instructor’s permission. A course in which students utilize analytical skills to make managerial decisions in not-for-profit organizations. Emphasizes marketing and fund-raising plans.


BMGT 341 Social Entrepreneurship (3)

Prerequisite:  BMGT 311. Introduces the principles of social entrepreneurship. Focuses on social enterprises, or hybrid organizations that seek both to make a profit and to achieve a social good. Course topics include identification of different types of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises; legal structures and certification processes for social enterprises; importance of building and maintaining connections to stakeholders; evaluation of social enterprise effectiveness; global aspects of social entrepreneurship; and current social enterprise trends.


BMGT 352 Human Resource Management (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 311 and third-year standing. Concentrates on the human resource management functions of selection, performance appraisal, training and development and compensation. Focuses on the laws and current issues related to these functions. Special topics include equal employment opportunity, Affirmative Action, sexual harassment and discrimination.


BMGT 362 Principles of Investment (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 261, MATH 105 or MATH 215 and ECON 112 or ECON 113. Concentrates on capital markets, security analysis and portfolio management. Classical and contemporary theories concerning optimum portfolio construction and asset allocation will be emphasized.


BMGT 363 Advanced Financial Management (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 261, and ECON 112 or ECON 113. Focuses on modern theory of corporate finance and its application to financial decisions. Topics such as leasing, the investment banking process, convertible securities and warrants, mergers and divestiture, leveraged buyouts and international financial management will be thoroughly examined.


BMGT 372 Consumer Behavior (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 271. Analyzes personal and interpersonal influences on buyer behavior. Topics include perception, dissonance, imagery, lifestyle, culture, social class, the family and marketing communications.


BMGT 373 Marketing Management (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 271. Studies marketing issues in an ever-changing global economy. Emphasizes the marketing manager’s role in developing, implementing and analyzing goal-oriented strategies in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Major topics include marketing research; promotion, pricing and distribution strategies; and new product development.


BMGT 375 Marketing Research (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 271 and MATH 105 or MATH 215.  An introduction to the methodology and analysis of marketing research. Explores the uses of marketing research in management decision making. Students will design, conduct, analyze and present the results of marketing research projects. Topics include research design, data acquisition and analysis, creation of research reports and research ethics.


BMGT 379 International Marketing (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 271. Emphasizes the marketer’s role in analyzing how cultural, social, political, and economic factors affect marketing decision-making in an international context. Focuses on the opportunities and challenges associated with the increasing globalization of markets.


BMGT 381 Operations Management (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 311, MATH 105 or MATH 215 and third-year standing.  Investigates the production and operations function of the firm and the decision-making framework related to the function. Emphasizes quantitative models useful in production and operations.


BMGT 390/490 Topics (Arr)

Prerequisite: instructor’s permission. Selected topics in management may be offered, depending upon student and staff interest.


BMGT 397 Internship (Arr)

Prerequisite: BMGT 311, ACCT 242, third-year standing and instructor’s permission. Available only to students who have declared a major in the department. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits total. Pass/No Credit basis.


BMGT 462 Derivative Markets (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 362. This is an advanced course in derivative markets. Familiarity with derivative securities as would be found in an undergraduate investments text is assumed. Topics will include futures and forward prices, swaps, binomial option pricing, the Black-Scholes-Merton model, Brownian motion and Itô’s Lemma.


BMGT 485 Strategic Management Capstone- Corporations (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 261, BMGT 271, BMGT 311 and fourth year standing. A capstone course that focuses on the integration of knowledge and application of skills gained in core business management courses. Emphasizes analysis of the business environment and use of strategic processes (strategy formulation, implementation, evaluation and control) to manage corporations and other large-scale organizations.


BMGT 486 Strategic Management Capstone- Start-Ups and Small Business (3)

Prerequisite: BMGT 261, BMGT 271, BMGT 311 and senior standing. A capstone course that focuses on the integration of knowledge and application of skills gained in core business management courses. Emphasizes analysis of the business environment and use of strategic processes (strategy formulation, implementation, evaluation and control) to create new ventures and to manage small businesses.


BMGT 496 Co-Op (Arr)

Prerequisite: third-year standing, instructor’s permission, and declared department major with ECON 112, 113, ACCT 241, 242 and BMGT 311 completed. Full-time, off-campus work experience for students meeting competitive selection criteria established by the Co-op organization. The Co-op training program, lasting four to twelve months, must be approved by the department. A list of approved programs is available from the Department Chair. Credit arranged from 1 to 12 semester hours. Pass/No Credit (awarded upon completion of the Co-op program).


BMGT 499 Independent Study (Arr)

Prerequisite: instructor’s permission. An independent research experience for senior majors.