All academic internships bridge theory and practice, purposefully connecting academic learning to experience. Academic internships enhance a student’s understanding of both themselves and a work environment and, in doing so, enrich their educational training.

In addition to work done at a business or other organization, each internship require the formulation of an academic learning goal and guided reflection. This academic reflection can include, but is not limited to: goal- setting, reflection though journaling, portfolio development, peer-discussions, research, paper writing, and presentations. Similar to the traditional classroom, faculty members have the freedom to develop additional goals most appropriate for individual internships.


For each semester hour of credit, a student will complete at least 36 hours on-site and 6 hours of academic reflection. Registered internships are graded on a pass/no credit basis and are recorded on students’ transcripts.


On-site and Academic Hoursper credit hour
CreditHours On-Site Hours Academic  Hours Total Hours    per Semester
1 36 6 42
2 72 12 84
3 108 18 126
4 144 24 168
5 180 30 210
6 216 36 252


The following policies also apply to students engaged in internship opportunities:

  • A student may earn up to nine credits at the same internship site over a maximum of one academic year, provided that there is significant change in the duties involved or in the level of responsibility.
  • No academic credit will be awarded after-the-fact for work already completed.
  • Students must register for internships prior to the start of work or prior to the published add deadline for the semester the internships is to take place, whichever is sooner.


Career and Professional Development provides assistance with site investigation, the application process, and guidance regarding evaluation. Internships are clearly invaluable in providing students with firsthand experience in professional work environments. For more detailed information and to search for internships go to Handshake and Career Development – Home (