Merit scholarships and awards

Central College offers a variety of both competitive and non-competitive scholarships and awards. Most scholarship and award values are for a specific amount based on the year that you enter Central and other criteria. We set the value at a level that we hope will recognize and honor the recipients and their specific qualifications as well as helping to make Central an affordable college choice. The scholarship or award value does not increase from year to year, as an increase in aid that is not funded by annual gifts or significant increases to the endowment would create a need for further increases in tuition to cover the cost.  You will be awarded the highest merit scholarship or award based on academic and/or talent criteria for which you qualify. Other Central awards may be added to academic awards provided the award value does not exceed full tuition and you will not be awarded in more than one of these areas. Heritage Awards may also be added to other academic awards provided full tuition is not exceeded.


Endowed and Annual Gift Scholarships

A number of endowed and annual gift scholarships are available as a result of generous gifts to the college. Grants are also made on an annual basis by donors. The endowment income and gifts are awarded annually to deserving students and may be based on academic as well as financial considerations.