Refund Policy For Unofficial Withdrawal From College

Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from Central if they choose to leave or stop attending. Students who do not officially withdraw due to illness, accident, grievous personal loss or other circumstances beyond the student’s control will have their institutional charges and financial aid adjusted in accordance with the refund policy stated above. The registrar’s office will determine the date that most accurately reflects when the student ceased academic attendance due to circumstances beyond their control.


A refund of institutional charges will not be granted to students who make a choice to stop attending without officially withdrawing from college. Additionally, if the student received Federal Title IV financial aid funds, Central College is required by law to comply with the federal programs Return of Title IV Funds Policy. Central is required to review any student who fails all courses as a possible unofficial withdrawal. If we cannot document that the student was in attendance at class through the 60 percent point in the semester, the student’s federal financial aid will be returned to the appropriate programs based on the midpoint of the payment (enrollment) period. This means that 50 percent of the student’s federal financial aid must be returned to the federal programs in the order stated above. Students will very likely have a balance due on their student account resulting from financial aid refunds without a corresponding refund of institutional charges. Students will have a period of 14 calendar days after the unofficial withdrawal determination is made to appeal and document their attendance in class after the 60 percent point in the term. If the appeal is granted, none of the aid will be refunded.