Refund Policy For Official Withdrawal From College

Students studying on the Pella, Chicago or Washington D.C. campuses who officially withdraw prior to completing 60 percent of the semester will receive a refund of institutional charges for tuition, room, board and fees based on the percentage of the semester that has not been completed. Financial aid will be returned to the federal, state and Central programs based on the same percentage. Federal sources of financial aid will be returned to the programs from which the student received aid during the payment period in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans, Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans, PLUS Loans, Pell Grants, and SEOG Grants. Outside scholarships will remain on the student account unless it creates an over-award situation, or the donor specifically requests a refund. All work study earned will be paid to the student. Students who withdraw during the semester will be charged an additional $100 administrative fee, are required to vacate their residence hall room within 24 hours of signing the withdrawal paperwork AND must verify completion of move out with Residence Life staff. Students will be charged pro-rated room and board fees until verification of move out is complete. If move out date verification with Residence Life staff is not completed before 60 percent point in term, student will not be eligible for a refund on room & board.


After the 60 percent point in the semester, no refund will be granted, nor will financial aid be reduced. The portion of the semester completed is based on calendar days from the first day of the semester through the last scheduled day of finals, including weekends and mid-semester breaks of less than five days. For example – if the student completes 20 percent of the term, the student would only be charged for 20 percent of the tuition, room, board, and fees and would only receive 20 percent of the financial aid other than outside scholarships and work study.


Students studying on an off-campus program will have their federal and state financial aid refunded based on the percentage of the term that has not been completed as stated above. Students should consult the appropriate program handbook concerning the policy for a refund of charges.