Academic advising at Central College is a shared responsibility of the student and the advisor. The academic advising program empowers students to become lifelong learners through examination of life goals, participation in curricular programs and co-curricular activities, and knowledge of career opportunities.  A faculty advisor is assigned to each student admitted to Central, and students may change advisors as their major interests change and develop.


Advisors’ responsibilities are:

  • To provide accurate information about requirements for the Core, majors, minors, and overall fulfillment of the degree;
  • To provide guidance and referrals for choosing classes, and helping students map a career path;
  • To be available and responsive to concerns and questions;
  • To provide guidance and referrals for students to resolve academic or personal issues; and
  • To maintain confidentiality regarding students’ academic records.


Students’ responsibilities are:

  • To know the college’s requirements and policies;
  • To articulate and pursue personal, educational and career goals congruent with personal values and realistic self-appraisal;
  • To monitor progress through their own program evaluation;
  • To consult with an academic advisor several times each semester to review their academic program and progress toward their goals; and
  • To accept the consequences of academic decisions, including but not limited to declaration of a major or minor, course selection or withdrawal, and follow-through with referrals.